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UGC-Human Resource Development Centre (ASC)


Prof H Ramananda Singh
Director, Academic Staff College

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From the Desk of the Director:

With its new name UGC-Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC), Manipur University, HRDC has been organizing various programmes in the interest of the teaching communities of colleges and Universities under the able leadership and guidance of our Honorable Vice-chancellor Prof. HNK Sarma and with the support of experienced professors of this university and of other universities as resource persons.

The most critical factor affecting our lives is change and those who adapt to the changes will be survived and those who cannot will become stagnant and may be self isolated from today’s continuously evolving education system in due course of time.

Here in HRDC, we provide a platform for the young teachers; a platform for sharpening their skills, a platform for expressing their views and ideas and a platform for interacting with various experienced resource persons. So that they may carry back home something to share with their students and colleagues and contribute to the wellbeing of their respective institute and society. If it is so then, in a small way, we will believe that objectives of the HRDC are accomplished.

We also sometimes organise specific programmes for the Research scholars of universities and for the non teaching staffs of colleges and Universities.

UGC- HRDC, Manipur University welcomes all the intended participants of the various programmes conducted by the centre.